Glow Screen, 2018

‘Glow’ is a 1960’s inspired, free-standing screen made up of four double-sided panels. The vibrance and exuberance of the 60’s is captured and reinterpreted in an intensely colourful experience, with striking neon oranges and pinks contrasting with greys, greens and indigo.

The artwork blurs the boundaries of textile art with a seamless blend of textiles and painted surfaces. 

Original recycled 1960’s fabric is incorporated within the layered artwork.

Fluorescent and neon dyes and paint were used to explore the changing quality of light, with layers responding to each other in an interplay of light and shadow.

The unique overall effect created embodies a sense of spontaneity in which colour, contrast and richness of texture evoke depth and perspective in the artwork.

Mixed Media. Textiles include cotton, wool, silk, voile, polyester.

4 double-sided panels each 45cm x 165cm

Photo Credit: Article Studio