I studied Textiles at Bath School of Art and Design, gaining an MA Design (Textiles) Distinction in 2008.  My specialism was in the innovative development of non woven needle-punched textiles. The finished artwork being similar to a tapestry, although non woven, it is exquisitely textured.

I create my artwork in layers from a carefully sourced palette of fibres and fabrics, assembling each individual piece in a painterly way, before blending it using the needle punch machine.

My needle punch was especially designed for me.  It has a bed of around 2,000 needles that combine the collage of textures and layers into one.  I can achieve different effects by using an assortment of needles and adjusting the machine speed.

I have been working with the needle punch for over a decade now and my working techniques continue to evolve through experimentation.  I like to use natural materials such as silk, cotton and wool much of which I hand dye or digitally print using my own photographic images.  I also use a polyester voile that catches the light and is good for building layers.

I pass the artwork through the needle punch several times at different stages of the build-up, often pulling back layers or part removing them before starting a new layer. After the final pass through, the finishing stage can involve more cutting back and hand stitching.

There is no waste in the making process – I save even the smallest cut-offs for use on more intricate pieces such as portraits.

The overall effect created embodies a sense of spontaneity in which colour, contrast and richness of texture evoke depth and perspective in the artwork.

I often find inspiration from within the structure and rhythms of nature. I am particularly interested in the way that light and shadow exist in the moment.  I try to capture the delight and energy of that transient moment.